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For those who are prone to metal allergy, wearing earrings could possibly lead to an allergic reaction. Nickel is the most common cause of metal allergy and contact dermatitis. When an earring containing nickel comes into contact with a piercing, nickel is naturally absorbed through the skin. The most obvious reactions are scaling of the skin, undue irritations and eczema in the piercing. These conditions may persist and become a chronic condition. Nickel is commonly used as a plating material and as an alloy for base and precious metals. Legislation was revised in 2005 and thereafter required implementation of the updated European Union Nickel Directive, within the EU market, restricting the use of nickel in products designed to come into contact with the skin.

A nickel allergy can be effectively minimized by the use of ISABELLA nickel-free earrings. They adhere strictly to the European Union Nickel Directive, protecting your piercings from allergic reaction to nickel. You may thus wear your earrings in complete safety and with full confidence.


ISABELLA understands that the skin of your piercing is fragile and recognizes the importance of choosing high-quality earrings. For this reason, ISABELLA is committed to improving the quality of earrings to perfection.

ISABELLA earrings are compliant with the European Union Nickel Directive. We have specifically developed an up-to-the-minute range of Ultra-Fine Earrings that are lightweight and smooth with a fine post and solid clutch to protect your newly healed piercings in comfort and safety.

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